I am a proud mom of a neurodivergent young woman named Fabiane. She draws and makes animal designs, and has her own brand for t-shits. She is about to present her first book for kids in Spanish (me and my sister are co-authors). Hopefully we will translate it soon to English and French. We live in Mexico. Her profound interests are movies and series characters, She loves t-shirts with her favorite characters, she uses them everyday. She says they are her armour to be out in the world. She also enjoys puzzles, some days she assebles up to five 300 pieces puzzles of her characters. She speaks fine, but has some issues with expresive language, and hasn't developed reading nor writing, nor math. She is an avid audio books reader. I enjoy very much helping her transit to autonomy, independence and professional life. I believe that my compromise to her is to build a great environment that accomodates her personal characteristics and a profession around her interests and her abilities.

Posted by Maricarmen at 2024-04-07 05:31:49 UTC