Any good brands for peppermints that are not strong? I can't handle cough drops, except for the watermelon ones from a local candy maker (expensive). And watermelon Halls Cough Drops. Peppermints are my favorite for when I have a cough because they work the best and don't leave the weird numb/textured feeling in my mouth. However, the strong smell of peppermints makes my head hurt and the only ones I have found are almost never in stock around me and shipping is expensive. The only ones I found is the green, spearmint flavor I believe, from the Walgreens brand Smile! Also the peppermints from Sonic. We also don't have a Walgreens within a comfortable distance that isn't out of the way. Any good brands for peppermints and/or cough drops that you like? I also hate the flavor of honey, which is most of the brands of cough drops.

Posted by Annoymous at 2024-04-06 17:31:09 UTC