Can anyone else relate to this?: My hearing has always been excellent. I can hear EVERY LITTLE SOUND. I hear the fridge all the time, I hear the sound of the lights, literally everything. My ears would randomly ring, so we went to countless audiologists. They would check my ears and say nothing is wrong and send me on my way. Within the past few years, I got diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder. Then, we found out I had Autism. Now, they are saying the ringing in my ears, because it tends to happen more in certain locations than others, is part of the Autism. Whenever I do hear the high pitched ringing sound, nobody can hear anything, I hear it loudly and get extreme mygraines. However, with the auditory processing disorder I was given earplugs to completely block out all noise and an FM Transmitter device that does not block out noise but instead uses a microphone to bring the speaker's voice more directly to my ears. However, I can literally hear the device in my ears and it is more distracting then not having it on. Luckily, insurance partly covered the device but we still had to pay nearly 5 grand out of pocket. Why did EVERYONE miss this? Was nobody paying attention? This has confounded me through the time I have been diagnosed with Autism. I just don't understand the logic. You see a symptom and just assume but never look into it other than a physical/anatomical standpoint?

Posted by Annoymous at 2024-04-06 14:30:16 UTC