If anyone has any tips on the following areas, all surrounding stimms that can be considered destructive such as chewing on your lips/gums, and biting/picking at fingernails and skin they would be greatly appreciated: 1. I have bought chews in the past but I often tend to completely forget about them. I have bought wearable and handheld chews but I forget about them incredibly often because I have AuDHD (ADHD and Autism/Asperger's). Side note: I prefer chews from companies that selectively make them such as Ark Therapeutic. I highly recommend Ark Therapeutic. I am not sure if they still ship internationally by request, but they are super durable and have a wide range of designs, colors, durability, and toughness options. I notice mine from the company tend to last for many years of use. 2. I tend to chew on my lips/gums/cheeks so badly that I get sores and bleed profusely. Any tips on stopping from getting to that point if I do not notice that I am doing it and forget about my chews? Additionally, any tips on how to heal the sores/cuts and prevent them from opening again and prevent my toungue from "exploring" them and opening them again? 3. Tips or fidget toys that are good to stop nail biting/picking and skin biting/picking? Mine are really bad around my nails, and I tend to try to keep them cleaned up with cuticle clippers, nail clippers, and painting them with clear polish to make them stronger and taste bad, but it doesn't seem to work and I tend not to notice it when I do it. If I do notice it, I will continue until the skin is completely flat in the area, often becoming red/irratated and bleeding. Any tips on how to prevent skin picking? 4. This one ties into skin picking but scab picking is another big stim for me. I tend to pick at scabs until they can not be picked at anymore, which tends to leave scars and make me bleed a lot more than necessary. Any tips on preventing that from happening or getting to that extreme point? Last note: I want to point out that not all stimming is bad. Stimming can be a very good way to regulate your body, for both those who are and who are not neurodivergent. The only issue is when stimming gets to the point that it is destructive, especially to one's own body and environment as this can actually be worse for the person who is stimming. So if anyone you know stims in any way, please do not stop them unless they are being inherently destructive, in this case if they are destructive then you must find another way to channel that energy and stimming, that way they can still regulate but in a SAFE fashion. Safe is the key word.

Posted by Annoymous at 2024-04-02 04:06:43 UTC