Hey. 27-year-old man with Asperger’s. I’ve been working on unfreezing and feeling thanks to reviewing the “Breaking Free” course (I have it in full), and over the past couple of days, I’ve just felt an immense surge of rage about the way things are in the world and about how my life has turned out. So much so that yesterday afternoon, I actually shut down and couldn’t focus at all on studying for my CPA exam, which is in 2 days, and ended up regressing into talking to myself out loud and text-ranting at people who care about me. I was up until 3 AM last night. I tried to “Be With That”, but I ended up feeling like my feelings of anger & resentment were physically pulling me under and there was not much I could do about it. I know about the “Freeze Loop”, and I think I just went through one of them. This usually happens when i unfreeze & feel; about a few days-a week or so in, I get a massive surge of anger that ends up pulling me under, and then I freeze again, and the cycle repeats. How can I build emotional capacity so I stop getting pulled under by my anger? I don’t really feel therapy is an option because I’ve been before, and they recommended CBT & DBT, which don’t work when I get overwhelmed the way I did. I don’t want to go on meds because I don’t want bad side effects like gaining weight. How can I learn to ride the wave & release my anger & resentment; especially when I need to focus on mentally demanding tasks? I’ve also noticed I tend to freeze up randomly during tests, exams, work tasks, etc.

Posted by marcopolo_96 at 2024-03-27 17:24:26 UTC