My 17 year old almost 18 in the past 6 months has gone to hardly speaking to us. We say good morning - how are you and all she does is look at me and moves on. We know she is probably stressed with high school ending in a few months and what is next for me - very scary, but she does not talk to us, so how can we help or know what is wrong. She also has stopped doing any chores when she is asked. I just want to be there for her and help her. She refuses therapy, medication and always knows when we tell her something. She never will ask for help, she will just say I will do it. I feel useless and that she feels so alone. My heart hurts and I just want to love on her. She use to be a cuddle bug and now there is no hugs no talking. Any suggestions? I am currently taking the What Now class. I need someone who has been here to talk to or something.

Posted by scrapnjods04231 at 2024-03-25 20:37:47 UTC