I (25) have been dating my first and only boyfriend for six months, and before that we were friends for two years. He's allistic. He recently asked me to consider us moving in together. I've lived with my mom my whole life, and there's so much he is asking in that: Changing my space, radically altering my routine, and either depending on him as much as I currently depend on my mother, or becoming way more independent than is in my current capacity. I described these struggles, and he agreed to put the question on hold, but I know it will come up again eventually, as it's the expected progression of romantic relationships, and we do love each other. Have any autistic people on here moved in with a partner, and what did you do to cope with the life changes? Additionally: The only blueprint of a romantic relationship I have has been presented to me by a neurotypical society. Is there any alternative that might work, especially with an allistic partner? I want to see a future in which we are both fulfilled <3

Posted by AimeeL at 2024-03-25 19:39:46 UTC