Hi everyone! I am 41-years-old female and have worked with people with differing abilities (specifically ASD) since 2013. I started a PhD program and STRUGGLED so despite my ADHD diagnosis, sought out a psychologist to find out what else might be going on. I’ve always struggled socially (understanding sarcasm/jokes, etc.), extreme sensitivities to environments (sounds, lights, etc.), and also THRIVE on routine and predictability but this all was all brought to a terrible light during the program because it required so much socialization (I had worked remote for 7 years prior to this). I was diagnosed as Autistic (I prefer disability-first language), personally. I’m looking to connect with adults that identify as Autistic, having ASD, or as Asperger’s to help support myself and meet others like me (-:

Posted by abbydabby at 2024-03-21 02:06:39 UTC