Hey, My name is Danny and I've been diagnosed with Asperger's and ADHD and Generalized anxiety since I was 9 My early life was a bit of a rough one as I had a hard time expressing my emotions as a kid which led to aggression and escalation. My elementary school community shunned me away instead of helping me, which led me to develop a negative view on social interactions. It got so bad that when I was 11 I had to transfer to another school, but I was to overwhelmed to make any real connections despite the welcoming community. This led me to go online in search of social interactions, and given my mentality was delayed about 5 years I would often get into arguments with people I thought were my friends, and would get extremely depressed anytime I was kicked from these groups as these people were the closest thing I had to what I thought were friends. One group in particular would say these awful dehumanizing jokes that hit me on a personal level, and I always thought I had to have the final say. I would say really nasty and offensive stuff because I felt threatened by these people, and they always play victim and everything was always my fault. I'm here because I want to make an effort in learning my diagnosis more and connecting with people who understand my needs and what it's like to be on the spectrum as well as learning to let go of my past and move forward in life. Here are some of my interests Nature Prehistory Gaming Such as Pikmin and Mario Monster movies Like Godzilla and Gamera Anything to do with dinosaurs and bugs!

Posted by Daniel felvinti (Shark) at 2024-03-19 22:06:08 UTC