Feeling torn and don't know what's right. We pay £60 a week ($75) for 15yo to attend a 50 min counselling session with the hope of helping him to work through his anxieties and reflect on choices. He often comes out saying they just had a nice chat. We're doing our best to support and understand him but as a family struggle with the rudeness and lack of cooperation in day to day life. The cost is impacting other areas of life and I want to make sure we're getting value for money but also try to respect that it's his time. He was 10 mins late today as didn't get ready when asked to and I was upset that we're wasting money. He complains I'm putting too much pressure on him to make every session hard work and I need to back off, it's his time and he can use it as he likes. But it's our money and we're hoping for a return on our investment.... Maybe I'm just jealous as would love to be able to afford my own therapist... How much right do I have as a parent to ask that he uses the time to tackle some of the bigger issues? He's been going for years so it's not just about building relationships and trust now.

Posted by UKmum at 2024-03-18 18:46:19 UTC