My daughter is 35. I knew when she was 2 that something was definitely different from her brother and sister. We struggled through countless evaluations and counseling and through school. No real help. There were a few people who gave us a few ideas. I basically diagnosed her through my searching. The Drs agreed she is Asperger’s. She also has learning challenges and a low IQ. At age 18 she ran off with a boy and we did get her back home (she was still in school) Then one day she called me at work to say she was getting married. Needless to say we panicked. But we couldn’t stop it. So we just tried to support them the best we could. It has been really hard. She has never been able to hold a job longer than a few months. Now 15 years later she is separated from him (which I think is best because they fought constantly and he has zero understand or tolerance). But now she has met a guy on snap chat and they are in “love”. He is 10 years younger than her and 8 Hours away. She is desperate to get to him. This is a giant mess. We are not taking her there. She has no money and cannot drive. Once she gets something in her head it is so hard to change. Of course she says we are controlling her. I guess we are. I am at a loss of what to do. We did talk to this boy on the phone and he of course was very nice. He currently has no drivers license. But is supposed to be getting it back soon. Not sure if he would really try to come here. She is definitely in defense mode and I’m afraid of the time it’s going to take to get her out of it. It’s very hard because she has her mind made up what she wants to do and it seems impossible. She does talk with a counselor weekly but it is slow going. She needs a job to be able to have something to do but so far no luck and again she is in defense mode. Any ideas?

Posted by taximom52 at 2024-03-16 15:47:29 UTC