Hi everyone. Im just trying to figure out how to deal with my daughter. Iv told her she has characteristics of asdbut she is in complete denial and gets upset when i try to talk to her about it. Iv got her on a waiting list to be evaluated from Easterseals center in Peoria ILLINOIS. Its a 12-18 month waitlist so we have awhile to wait. But shes 9. Just turned 9 on the 8th of march. She told me today when i was trying to talk about it that unless theres proof that im autistic i wont believe you. I dont know what to say because me and my 10 year old daughter are both level 2 asd so we both need moderate support. But my 9 year old is just not having it at all.

Posted by anniealdeman at 2024-03-15 23:57:48 UTC