Hi I’m Danae Rachel Danae Patterson from 2108 U.S. highway 79 East Henderson Texas 75652 I was born in Houston Texas but I moved to Parker Colorado but I moved back to Henderson Texas I’m not married I’m not having kids I’m high functioning 32 year old lady and I’m high functioning autistic so I’m a huge fan of wheel of fortune and I also like to do arts being in the contestant for the wheel of fortune TV show and of course have fun and win prizes and I’m also good at solving puzzles and I’m a dog lady, so I can do it and every other Thursday I was going to guitar center and I practice my guitar and practice and practice and practice a lot so I’m doing good and I also like to sing and shop a lot and if my dad will get a new truck and I’ll get the cash for getting the prize for the bonus round and I also like doing things like planting outside and I’m doing taking the dogs out and I’m a dog lady and I can help them out and I’m also a member of ET shooting stars the East Texas shooting stars and then I used to like having fun with my friends so that’s pretty much it and I love bowling

Posted by rachel.patterson9 at 2024-03-15 23:16:36 UTC