Good evening! And my apologies for taken so long to respond! Well, things are going and going well. I have to say I’m glad my son had a psychotic breakdown, I don’t mean it the way it sounds( NT thing I guess lol) I’m glad I was here when it happened meaning if I wasn’t he would have most likely been locked away. I’m the only person who knew (not at first) what the heck he was even talking about, from Martian invasions to yellow submarines to some system he’s running to torture to being murdered and to him being a murderer and goes on! With the help of a great counselor I found when this all took place, some medication (these took awhile to find right one) and happy to say he’s only on one today and this is for his anxiety. I had to go back and try to THINK (this is why I’m thankful that I was his care giver 24/7 with the exception of main stream school (ugh) and he doesn’t have to many fond memories of that only everyone seemed like an alien coming towards him and I should have left him in ESE instead of putting in mainstream (that wasn’t by choice) academically maybe by two points he didn’t qualify for ese and 20 yrs ago they knew little about autism so. He is looking for answers he told me during his breakdown “I want answers and I want the truth” so I rumbled through each and every text each and every story , picked up on many many different things in this time , you have to try and figure out what they are trying to communicate, read between the lines somehow. And it has to be a 24/7 consistently reading the texts, processing what they r saying think think and think . It takes time energy some loss of hair, tears galore but I would do it again . Year and half ago he would not leave our street (he does drive) and does like to travel( not out of country , update on that below) would never leave my side even in a grocery store I turned to get tomato my gosh he would panic leave cart and all be right behind me. 3-4 months ago things started to change one day he said “alright if I make hair cut appointment and bring myself😳 sure I say two days later he went got hair cut. Few days after that he asks me “do we need anything from grocery store😳 if u make a list I will go😳 and he did( continuous til today, not sure what happened but something happened and in July going on an Alaskan cruise leaving out of a different country will only be out of country for one night then cruise around Alaska. He’s super excited about this but also some fear I asked him what the fear was , and maybe someone who is autistic could help me out with this one “ I’m afraid I will be lost in the system? But that day he asked me about the haircut was the day I seen the light. He is learning, on his terms now and I am helping, supporting , anything he asks or says no longer is taken as”shouldn’t u know this already “ there r still many things but after the last two years the light is shining and I think he’s going to be okay. Time and patience 🙏 thanks for listening

Posted by ojrnp1 at 2024-03-15 09:35:34 UTC