I have a 10 year old son high functioning. Recently he has been having more concerning behaviors where he has actually made up a detailed scenario that didn’t happen regarding dad harming mom and him. This actually prompted a child protection investigation because he said he did not feel safe at home. I have been in such shock as to how he could make up such a story that can be so damaging to our family. Now dad is a yeller, his bark is definitely worse than his bite. And he doesn’t much understand the deficits that come from Autism which frustrates him often and creates less tolerance for some of the behavioral issues my son has. After having a deep conversation with my son, he admitted to me that he lied about dad being violent because he “had to take back what is mine.” He said that dad humiliated him when scolding and yelling at him (alone in his room mind you) and broke a few of his legos out of frustration because dad asked him several times to pick them up after dad also upset that our son did not complete a task asked by grandfather and argued with him about it. Now I am much more of a passive parent and dad and I don’t parent the same. So dad and I often argue about the consequences. But my son admitted to making up this lie to get back at dad. I don’t know what to do about this manipulation. It’s scary to me. He now knows that he can lie about danger and people come running to try and take him out of a situation without really realizing that he can actually be take out of the home if he keeps saying he’s being abused or there is domestic violence in the home. This is not dads biological son which makes things so much harder because now dad is worried about all this impacting our younger son (together) and well let’s just say we are not doing very good. I am at a loss in what to do? We have tried taking electronics, taking toys, losing privileges, doing chores, soft parenting, harsh parenting, I don’t know what is left. Help.

Posted by et21585 at 2024-03-14 02:24:54 UTC