My 17 year old son is just now realizing the impacts of his masking activity over the years. It hit him hard this year as a junior in High School and he feels overwhelmed and lack of motivation. He started to research his symptoms and has learned a lot more about his ASD diagnosis. He is a bit depressed and we do have him seeing a therapist but all schoolwork has now stopped and he has a meltdown if my husband and I ask him about it. By meltdown I mean he stops talking and goes to his room where he will pace or sit on his beanbag. We are lucky he doesn't lash out but it is still frustrating that we can't get him unstuck. I have finished reading the 7 easy steps to motivate someone with Asperger's and it helped me understand a bit about what he is going through but I feel powerless to help. Anyone experience this and have thoughts on how I can help my son?

Posted by LMonk at 2024-03-13 18:13:36 UTC