I have a 40 year old “child” who had numerous educational successes and some sporadic work success. She has severe adhd and I believe also has Asperger’s although it’s never been officially diagnosed. She has had numerous setbacks in the past 2 decades and when these occur she feels hopeless, but I’ve always been able to get her propped back up using carrots and sticks. Now because of her age she thinks that this is the end, again. She has no savings and has moved in with me. She’s depressed and doing nothing. Part of me feels this is a grown person and I should just tell her to leave and let her deal with potential homelessness. But it also breaks my heart and I think she needs support. By the way she will not go for counseling. Is it even possible to “motivate” a “child” who is not a child anymore? I’ve told her she can get a job coach, get some sort of certificate online, people get back into the work force everyday. She just sits there. Thoughts?

Posted by dcknpb at 2024-03-05 23:18:27 UTC