Hi, first time posting. I'm from the UK. I have a 27 yr old Son with Aspergers. He spends all day and night in his room, only coming out to eat or use the bathroom. About once every 6 weeks he'll go and get a haircut and buy any personal toiletries he needs. If we go away on holiday he is capable of looking after himself and our cat. I leave him a written list of reminders and instructions, a fridge full of food and he seems to enjoy having the house to himself and not feeling the need to 'hide away'. My worry is his future. I feel he should be getting more independant and standing on his own two feet more, He did well at school and is intelligent, but due to his social anxiety he has never worked. I would love to see him gain some independance and make some sort of life for himself, but I dont know how to encourage it without it looking like I want him out of the house! I worry he'll still be in his room playing computer games in 10, 20 years time if I dont do something soon! Any advice or suggestions please? Thank you

Posted by LostintheUK at 2024-02-22 20:14:28 UTC