How would you approach a 10 year-old who has sensory issues and a long history of bathroom (urination) accidents? She has been having this problem since she was little (no physical issues per MD). Since she was very little, has stated she doesn’t like the way bathrooms smell, feel (toilet seat), and doesn’t enjoy the flushing sound. I can’t say for certain but it seems as though as she’s gotten older, the sensory part bothers her less (probably due to constant exposure to it) but she procrastinates until she can’t hold it and sometime doesn’t make it. There is shame around it as it occasionally happens at school. We don’t get angry about accidents yet she lies constantly as it leads to requiring showers or changing her clothes, etc. When we ask her to go to the restroom frequently to avoid accidents, she gets angry. Any suggestions?(edited for clarifying info)

Posted by fanofsc at 2024-02-20 21:18:06 UTC