Hi our 16 yr old son is stuck stuck stuck deeply stuck on digital devices it’s consuming him and he seems ok with it If we need him to do a chore ( his only thing is empty the dishwasher as he argues about other tasks ) he will do it “ later” but later never comes and it doesn’t get done and we end up doing it ( we both are full time employed parents and feel this is a task that’s quick not to much pressure and easily achieved) we have tried an alarm on the iPad when it sounds at set time -5pm it’s a reminder for him to go do his chore and take his medication too but he refuses to do and then ends up missing his med or taking it late This goes on and on then it becomes an argument shouting yelling etc We have noticed that when too much screen time his behaviour becomes ruder and more defiant back chatty etc but he won’t compromise and then arguments result Have looked into defence mode and accountability courses but we are in Australia so not sure about conversion cost ?? Any advice would be helpful as I’m over the same argument

Posted by a.annieblue at 2022-06-24 13:10:35 UTC