After reading some of your comments, I feel blessed. My grandson is 16 and originally diagnosed with ADHD. I am convinced he has Aspergers. He has always been a loner, not interested in playing with his cousins. Has trouble making friends. I took him off adderal and he is now on an anxiety medication which has helped tremendously. He has horrible grades mostly D's. I don't care about Spanish or Biology, he will never use them. He loves his STEM class. He started to work at the local McDonalds and his managers tell me he does great. This job has given him self confidence that he has never had. I did not understand the shower thing until someone said he doesn't have energy at the end of the day for it. I have learned a lot and will continue. to read everyone's comments. Thanks

Posted by safetysandy56 at 2024-02-17 00:46:07 UTC