(First post!) Hopefully I could get some insight here. Has anyone here experienced long-term grief or mental fatigue in some way? I'm asking because as of late I've been experiencing continuous fatigue (mainly emotional) after I saw this really upsetting video on TikTok all the way back in August of this past year where this woman is attempting to pray away autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities from a young boy. I told my therapist and my psychiatrist about it (they both understand) but this is still wearing on me. I've gotten to be really avoidant since then, and these days, I've been becoming a little more forgetful and it almost feels like I'm sleepwalking through life which isn't great for me since I'm in grad school and it's getting a little harder for me to keep up. I grew up around people that would talk/think like that, and perhaps it doesn't help that I didn't find out about my own autism until I was almost out of high school (late diagnosed gang). Anyone else know what I mean? As you could imagine, this isn't fun at all. Hoping I can find some validation. 🤞🏼

Posted by mrjoey98 at 2024-02-14 16:54:02 UTC