I’m curious to know if other kids or adults with Asperger’s are on medication to help deal with it? My 26 year old son had been on meds for 20 years to help with what was eventually determined to be Asperger’s. He was living in an apartment a few months ago and had a new job that helped pay his expenses, and he seemed to be managing. His new boss told him that medication isn’t always the answer. So my son stopped taking it. My son wanted to know how it felt without the meds since he couldn’t remember not being on it. After a couple of months he had to quit the job due to extreme anxiety levels. He has finally realized that he needs medication but refuses to go back to his old dr. Now he is waiting to be referred to a new one. We are making plans for him to move back home so he has a support system because his anxiety is through the roof. Anyone have similar experience? We need to know that things will improve!

Posted by NC Sue at 2024-02-14 04:12:52 UTC