My grandson who is 23 years old was diagnosed when he was about 6. His parents were very neglectful of him in many ways and didn’t get him any help. He went through high school with his parents doing his homework for him. He only graduated because of the no child left behind. He has only had jobs working at fast food. The longest he’s worked is 4 months. Most times it is only a couple of days. He moved in with me 1 1/2 years ago. He would have been on the street otherwise. I love him but don’t know how to help him. He seems to always be in defense mode. I’ve tried to get him counselors that specialize in autism. He agrees at first but then refuses to even go meet them for the first time. He just wants to play video games all day. At around 3 am he will go in and cook but not clean up after himself. His bedroom is piled high with trash, and dirty dishes. He doesn’t eat breakfast or lunch and won’t eat a meal if I make it for him. He has girl friends for awhile and will drive to go see them. He goes and donates plasma twice a week to get money for gas. He wrecked his car (his dad had given him when he was 16) but the car is still driveable even though it’s all smashed up. I found a place in our town that will work with him to have a job counselor and help him get a job. I told him I was going to drive him to the appointments with them to make sure he went. He’s been to the first interview and they are trying to decide if he qualifies to be tested to see where he’s at on the spectrum. I don’t know if they will work with him on defense mode. /what can I do but keep loving him?

Posted by onthegowith3gs at 2024-02-12 00:23:44 UTC