Hello. I do have so many questions, but here is one of them. My daughter is 13 now, diagnosed 3 yrs ago after we moved to Dominican Republic 4 yrs ago. The cultural, language, school, country, COVID, friends really created a trauma for her. She is just slowly getting out of defense mode. She is in a bilingual school and resources for children on the spectrum are scarce. She has been on the same class for now 4yrs and still has not connected with her classmates, it’s like she is in the class but does not belong and feels like an outsider. I have worked with her on sensory issues, but at the end, my daughter still thinks about school in NJ and wishes she is back. I know that if she finds her click here, she would feel much better and would be more motivated. I have offered changing schools but she is really afraid of change, im thinking, this would give her a fresh start to a school that is more Americanized and she has more possibility of making friends. I would not do that change if she does not want me too and I’m not trying to convince her. It is totally her decision. But I’m wondering, what else can I do? Continue to work on getting her out of defense mode? She is also very indecisive, I guess it comes from her insecurity which was brought by the sudden changes she experienced. I’m here just thinking out loud. Any advise? Am I in the correct path?

Posted by gloribeljm at 2024-02-11 18:10:29 UTC