My son is 23, living with me. He starting community college for the 3rd time just now. ASD is a new thing for me and I think this describes him to a t..He only has one (relatively recent) friend who lives near by. On one hand, I am happy to see my son trying to do something in the real world with this guy (once in a couple of months, but still), on the other, my son always offers to pay for this guy bowling, movies..). I understand that this comes from inability to handle stress of sharing costs conversation, but how should I deal with this? I am the one who is paying for this and the other guy seems to have money, btw.. my son immediately goes into defense mode. So here is the latest example: He first said that his friend invited my son to a weekend trip , and I said "great". Then it turns out that my son offered to pay for both.. I said - well, I am short on money, but since you already offered, I will honor this for you, just be mindful of it next time.. he said ok, it's ~$80..i said ok. And then I checked the credit card which I lent him to buy tickets, and I found $`135 charge.. :-( Should I let it fly or address it? and how? thank you in advance.

Posted by YuliaP at 2024-02-09 14:04:05 UTC