I just want to say thank you sooooo very much for all your wonderful advice! I've been with Asperger Experts since 2014 when my son became divorced at age 23. He was diagnosed on the spectrum pretty late in life when he was 19 and had already graduated high school. He sort of slid under the school radar with a 504 plan for his Epilepsy. It's been a long road for him, but with your help I've been able to successfully guide him through some difficult challenges. He actually has a job he likes and doesn't mind working nearly 30 hours a week currently. The rest of his time is spent mainly in his room, either playing video games or finding the latest greatest computer components to help him improve his speed. He actually built a computer himself! He used to be extremely defensive, refused to talk, would become aggressive if anyone tried to get him to leave his video games, and completely refused to help with anything in the house. The methods I've learned from the Asperger Experts - Danny and Travis, especially - have improved our relationship immensely and given my son and I greater understanding and trust! Words cannot express enough gratitude that I feel for the Asperger Experts. While I realize, there is still a long road ahead, we are definitely moving upward and onward from here!

Posted by cjamesen at 2022-02-04 06:40:37 UTC