Hi there, I am waiting on a diagnosis but everything I read leads to Asperger’s for my 13 year old son. Right now I am struggling with his black and white all or nothing thinking. He won’t try anything I suggest he says it’s not fun or he says why try. He sees things one way and there is no convincing him otherwise. In fact he says he just can’t do it, can’t make himself do much of anything. And yet he is board out of his mind and wants to be a success at something. Refuses all my suggestions. He is moved to tears I think anxious and worried that he can’t solve this dilemma. As his mom I try everything I can think of to encourage, help him feel good about himself and to try to put his energy into anything his heart desires. I’m willing to go the distance. How do you motivate a child with Asperger’s who can’t see any other points of view? He just believes nothing is worth the trouble not homework not school not going outside not learning a new skill not joining a club with peers and anyway he hates crowds and noise. I feel like I’m failing him. I just want him to be happy and find something he loves and get good at it for his self esteem sake. I need a support group for me and for him. I need answers I don’t have. I need to work with him rather than hitting a brick wall. Does anyone else deal with this and if so what do you do to help your child? Oh and he has a thing about time. There is never enough of it to do what he wants and it’s not fair. My son is not lazy or spoiled as outsiders might think he truly comes from an Asperger’s point of view and I just need to find some logical way to help him because he relies on logic and facts. He won’t try new things, doesn’t count his blessings, sees most things as a failure. And this is just one straw in the multitude of things he is dealing with. Any help is greatly appreciated. By the way I posted this in a Facebook group and they suggest I get support from AE.

Posted by heidireiswig at 2024-02-03 21:20:08 UTC