Just 'cause I need to vent, in a safe space where I know people understand... 15yr old aspie son found passion and some talent in musical theatre; they've just released the cast list for the next production and he's got one of the support roles rather than a lead (which has gone to the same people it always does). He'd got his hopes up and is now crushed with disappointment, calling me from rehearsals, screaming and swearing, asking to be picked up as he now wants to quit. Disappointments always lead to a spiral of negativity which then get progressively worse if we don't stamp it out. I hear his emotions, empathise with his pain, but by doing so it's like I provide a channel for the woe to grow. I'm struggling with being screamed at so much :(.

Posted by UKmum at 2024-02-03 11:30:10 UTC