Hi! I have a question I would love some insight on. My oldest son who just turned 9, was diagnosed with ASD level 1 or what used to be called Asperger's, 2 years ago. We do a partial homeschool option for school because he's extremely resistant to doing anything he doesn't see the value of. On the flip side, he's also very rational and willing to do hard things that he has bought into. For school work though, this means constant struggles and tweaks to assignments, especially because he's several grade levels ahead of the grade he should be in and therefore thinks everything moves too slowly or is not necessary for him to complete. I have 2 other kids, 1 with ADHD, and I'm burning out. The psychologist we work with believed he needs MORE structure, and that then, he'd fall in line more. I now have him registered for 2 different schools for next year. One is the school he's currently with and we would switch to homeschooling completely, which would allow us to come up with our own curricula and ways to satisfy the learning goals. The other option is a part time schooling option again which would have 2 full days (up from 1) of in-school classes. I can't figure out what would be better for him. More freedom or less. Thank you for reading!

Posted by DutchieInCanada at 2022-06-21 16:09:11 UTC