Hey all, need some help. I live in Florida and my daughter is currently enrolled in public school in an ESE classroom with 9 other kids of which she is the smartest and most advanced. Sadly the only way schools in Florida get the funding needed to run ESE classrooms is to mash grades together (she’s in 4th but is mixed in with 3rd and 5th graders) so the teachers have to divide their time. She was in a private Christian school but only lasted 11 days and was kicked out for behavior issues. My question is can anyone recommend a private school that’s geared more towards high functioning kiddos with behavioral issues (preferably Christian if possible). I don’t care what state it’s in, I will move there as I work remotely and can literally work anywhere there’s WiFi.

Posted by Ismael at 2024-01-29 23:55:09 UTC