Thought I would share what is probably necessary to inform ones boss when being autistic and starting a job. Sometimes an ASPIE will need additional support, even if they've handled similar stressors before. The ASPIE is responsible for asking for support, and giving clear instructions on how they need to be supported. But the supervisor is responsible for making that happen. These needs might change, and it might seem odd that this person suddenly needs help when they could handle that task just fine last week. The problem is when the ASPIE is told to suck it up/not receive the support. All this does is tell the ASPIE that they will NEVER receive support, and so they won't ask again. This creates a negative feedback loop where they struggle/power through something making you think "oh well they handled this level of stress before, so I can again ignore your request now." All that will happen is your star employee quits out of nowhere bc they learned their needs won't be met. I know the requests can seem random, and sometimes confusing when they've been able to handle things before. But trust us we know what we need for a healthy work environment for us to do our best!

Posted by millersam07 at 2022-06-20 20:09:10 UTC