My 17 year old son has wanted to join the military for years and this desire has helped him overcome many challenges. He has spoken to many recruiters. Right now, he is thinking of going to one of the private military academies (don't want to give too much self-identifying info.), do ROTC and eventually become part of the National Guard (part-time Army). We know that you need a waiver with autism. Do any of you know of anyone who has actually gotten this waiver? Do any of you know of anyone personally who has been in the Army with autism? There's someone very vocal in the AF who was diagnosed as an adult but that's a bit different. I think what encourages my son is that there have been successful military figures throughout history, such as Stonewall Jackson, with autism. His dad and I have been trying to delay his commitment to see how he evolves as he gets older and for him to understand himself in terms of his potential and limitations better.

Posted by orio.bronx at 2024-01-27 11:26:56 UTC