When will I learn to keep my mouth shut? I made a comment about the Apple Watch…musing about the fall detection feature on them and said maybe some point a long way down the road after the Fitbit wears out it might be something to think about. He immediately wanted to start looking at them. I told him I didn’t want one until my Fitbit died. So guess what? I woke up to a big charge on the credit card and he has ordered an Apple Watch for himself. He has already spent more than his and my Christmas gift money, we were given, on other things for himself and now this 😕. And this is going to cost us monthly beyond the purchase price because it connects to our cellular. I told him that, too. He is justifying it by saying he will end Amazon Music unlimited ($5.99 a month) and he will return some things he bought in the last few weeks. I just need to learn to keep my trap shut and stop thinking out loud about things I’m not really serious about purchasing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve mused out loud about something and next thing I know he buys it for himself. Not to mention his buying binges on shoes, leather jackets, sweaters, electronics of various types etc. I’m just venting here because nobody knows me or him personally here. Thanks for listening.

Posted by mooseiddings at 2024-01-26 17:13:59 UTC