How much should parents get involved in teen sibling conflict? Our older son with autism has been ignoring and excluding (I think it's called stonewalling?) younger brother for months. We decided to enforce a consequence of taking away electronics from the older one until he says something polite to the younger one, trying to teach him it's not okay to act like that. But so far it hasn't helped and maybe he is even digging his heels in even more about speaking or being nice to brother now. (Not to mention he gets mad at us when enforcing the consequence and starts to ignore my husband and me.) Our son with autism will not talk about why he is doing it. He has high anxiety and won't talk about feelings in general, so there is pretty much no way we will get an answer from him. Although we have tried getting him to talk about it.

Posted by kristiannstoddart at 2024-01-25 21:45:49 UTC