Im struggling pretty hard today. My 8 yo son has a lot of issues but at the moment its my 5 yo daughter thats struggling. She's having random outbursts of anger. They're both PDA (pathological demand avoidance) profile & I think a lot of it is when she gets the internal demand of needing to go pee or she's hungry, but she even wakes up a few times a night & will just be screaming & she says she wants to scratch herself really hard & make herself bleed. I'm at a total loss. Anything I try she just screams at me. She scratches the bed sometimes & that helps sometimes but not always. I have had the urge to hurt myself before but not at that age & its was when I was severely depressed. It breaks my heart, I just don't know what to do to help her. She knows its not good to do & she tries to stop herself but its a compulsion & she says its the only thing that helps when she's thats mad. Last night she woke up 3 times that way out of nowhere & each time it took nearly an hour for her to calm down & go back to sleep. She says she doesn't know why she's mad, she just is. My son tends to want to hurt other people when he's mad & that's a whole separate issue that I'm slowly working on, but with this I'm at a loss. Any thoughts?

Posted by Cdfranklin1014 at 2024-01-24 20:21:33 UTC