Hi all, I have asked in many online communities this question so may be a repeat for some of you. The more I learn the more I realise that autonomy and safety are extremely important for my Asperger's son. I want him to have freedom and autonomy when it comes to things like gaming and how he interacts with peers. For me, there are issues with these things. With gaming, too much leads to overwhelm and I have to deal with the continual stress of that and conflict I overhear often online with NT peers. I have health challenges so I do need to consider my needs here. I don't want to keep imposing my will on my 9 year old. However, watching the continued fall out with peers due to incompatibility issues ( ND not getting NT needs) and issues now with gaming behaviour and gaming interactions with others is too stressful. I try and engage my child and help see other perspectives and limit gaming time. I recognise this interferes with his autonomy over his own life. In joining him up to a spectrum gaming community and always look for opportunity to socialise with ND peers. This isn't always easy,.there's not alot of choice or diversity here. Socially, I'm looking at social skills that I myself talk to him about. There's no other way but via me. There are minimal resources where we live. Again I don't want to impose my will on him. But behaviour that we may call ' mindblindness' or ' rigid' is being seen by other kids as bullying. It is hard to sit back and say nothing to try help develop skills on this. Can those with Asperger's themselves help me understand. Is there a way to try meet his needs yet say this is leading to X Y Z, which is difficult for everyone, including you, so I will limit this or suggest alternatives like x,y,z. Also, is it pushing my will on him even discussing social skills ( I'm thinking about convo skills with peers and understanding the perspective of others. ) I hope you understand that I want to meet his needs as much as I can but I must meet mine also to help enable relative calm and reduce conflict as much as possible around us. Thankyou in advance.

Posted by Jojo45 at 2022-06-20 12:24:03 UTC