My 26 yo son stays in his room all day except to do his 3 chores. He plays online games for 8 hours a day. When we try to get him to apply for work or work on his online marketing course, he says he can’t: I’m so frustrated and worried about him. especially since both my husband and I work full time and are not home to place limits. Plus when we do we are met with anger, resentment and complete isolation in his room. We have tried tough love, earning computer time, helping him get a job (but he has no work experience for the past 5 years so that’s almost impossible), online college and meeting him at his interests and investing thousands of dollars on 3D printers, blacksmithing equipment and costumes for live action role playing. Nothing has worked. But the tough love - earning computer time put him in a major depression that landed him in the psych ward. We are at a loss.

Posted by chiassonrachel at 2024-01-22 13:15:29 UTC