I need Asperger's experts to answer this please! My 6th grader, 11 years old, has been refusing to do anything in English class altogether this year. He always hated writing (since K), but in 6th grade English has its own period and he is now blocking it out completely, not doing anything. He uses the period to do his math homework. He has all the accommodations under the sun, that's not the issue. There is trauma related to English / writing that built up throughout the years and now he is totally shutting it out. The ONLY year he passed writing with decent grades was in 5th grade because he has AMAZING teachers. Unfortunately the method used in 5th grade is not working in 6th. He is totally refusing. If I try to talk to him about it he has a meltdown. He has counseling in school but hates it. He won't talk to the counselor at all. He wouldn't talk to any counselors, he hates them all. He has an IEP, classified ASD. I put him in the 12:1:1 class only for English because he got into a friction with the sped of the co teaching class. This 12:1:1 is definitely way below his level (teacher confirmed) but I had no choice. He has A and Bs in every other subject. He is extremely bright. School doesn't understand him. They just keep sending me emails saying he is not doing anything in English class. He had an FBA, he has a behavioral therapist on his case, we had an IEE in 4th grade and was found to have high anxiety and dysgraphia. As I said accommodations don't make any difference. He begs me to opt him out of English class. He LIKES school, he DOESN'T WANT to be home schooled. He can't tolerate English and I assume it's a built up trauma developed from all the years he had to do it with no support. I always always got bad reports for writing for him. ALWAYS!! But we didn't figure out why till 5th grade. We are in NY state if that matters. They are not too familiar with ASD nor PDA here. I was told I could opt him out of writing with a medical note. Anybody? What should I do? The school is being useless and keeps asking me for advice (that they don't follow).

Posted by NYC1-ML at 2024-01-21 03:01:38 UTC