Hi all. This is my first post, and I'm desperate for some help or advice. I have three kids, aged 3, 9, and 12. The 12-year-old, recently diagnosed with Aspergers (high-functioning autism), is dealing with a lot of issues that have been going on for a while but have gotten worse in the last two years. One major stressor (I would call it a hang-up) for him is our house. He thinks(technically he is right on many of these) it's too big, the garden isn't square and flat, and it's quite old. We also have way too much stuff, according to him. He keeps saying that all his problems would be much better if we only moved to a house that suits him better. He even suggests getting rid of almost everything we have and buying new things based on what he thinks is necessary. We're trying our best to keep the house clean and tidy, constantly cleaning up after meals and his little brother's toys to help him. Other people keep saying we have an impressingly clean house for having 3 kids.. We're also saving money to make some updates inside, like adding more doors between rooms so he can't see into too many rooms at once, making it easier for him to escape and be alone. However, our current house, despite its age, has a great location with a beautiful view in our town and is in a good neighborhood. Technically, we could move to a smaller, more modern house, and it might actually be better for us financially. But I (and everyone Else we discuss with, but so far none of them are Aspergers experts) think that selling our house and moving won't necessarily solve his underlying issues nor make his stress go away and I personally think it might even make him more depressed when/if realizes he's still stressed about so many things. Everyone else in the family, except him, loves this house, and we want to stay here. If we were sure that moving would genuinely help him, we'd of course do it tomorrow. He gets angry with us, doesn't understand our reasons, and thinks we're not trying to help him by staying in our current house. He is mainly in his room or on the bathroom while home, never having his friends over in our house( because it is so messy and ugly according to him). Would love some feedback and advise!

Posted by M.Jones at 2024-01-20 10:58:50 UTC