Hi! I’m new here, I’m over 50, self diagnosed and struggling with a friend who has not been very understanding of my differences. I think they’re mad at me and avoiding me because I didn’t call them when I just asked if we would be able to get together or chat before they left to be gone for quite a while. Am I in the wrong here? I didn’t call because I was already overwhelmed and stressed because it was Christmas. Add to that, I really hate calling people. It really takes a lot for me to be able to make any sort of call. I’m also extremely introverted (which is one of the things this friend refuses to accept about me. I sent a message that dhows it was read at least 24 hours ago. I’m spiraling because I have been ghosted so many times. Part of me wants to just let things happen however they’re going to. Not accepting my autism or introverted needs is enough that I shouldn’t try to jump through more hoops. Another part of me wants to feel completely responsible for whatever is going on that I don’t understand. I’m feeling very confused. I wish all this relational stuff wasn’t so stinking hard.

Posted by Kanna at 2024-01-18 09:48:20 UTC