I'm looking for some advice. My 9 yo son with high functioning Autism is in 4th grade, has stuggled with behavior and defiance since the middle of 3rd grade. His triggers have been identified- a particular student in his class, anxiety with different programs they use for learning and well as things he's not interested in doing, loud hallways and lunchroom. Long story short (hopefully), he has an IEP and some accommodations have been made over the years. This year is a new principal and new teacher. Anyway, because of his behavior, they feel he needs to transfer to another school. 2 schools we toured are straight up "badboy" schools and he would be eaten alive. The other school is 50 miles away. As a parent, I can't send him anywhere else. He doesn't like school period. He does his work at home, when I'm there with him. He personality is happy and friendly, super smart, tells jokes, gets excited about a lot of things, loves to tell people about his interests. Of course he has his moments, but he is not a trouble maker, not depressed. His behavior at school is completely sympathetic response, flight or fight, actually scared for his life to the point that one time he actually called 911 at school after finding a room to lock himself in (that's another sad story for another day). I will be meeting again with the IEP team soon to come up with another solution beside transferring. I don't feel they are fully accommodating him. I read and hear about so many kids struggling in school. I'm trying to avoid homeschooling. Has anyone exerienced this? Any advice?

Posted by amie9380 at 2024-01-18 02:42:31 UTC