What modifications have you made to your home to make things more sensory friendly for your young adults ? So far I’ve noticed the following are helpful: trampoline (big or small), beanbags, weighted blanket, water filter, dimmers on the light switches, blackout shades, making sure he likes the lightbulbs we use.. Also for the beach water shoes (so feet not touching the sand), sunglasses. My son is not really using earplugs, lava lamp, hammock (thinks it’s dirty) that we purchased but still I keep trying to find things that can reduce the sensory overload for him. I haven’t found many ways to make showering or tooth brushing easier (but he does floss). That’s also because he’s late diagnosed and won’t say what bothers him or talk about any kind of ‘problems’. Thank you

Posted by Eve at 2024-01-18 01:32:43 UTC