Hi everyone, I'm in need of guidance on how to go about my 14-year-old dx with autism, adhd & Tourettes who, a few months ago, has started whining and growling whenever he doesn't want to do what is asked of him. Literally everything now. I'm talking about everyday things that he is used to doing. Nothing is new or has changed. He is very verbal and smart and knows how to mask his behaviors in front of providers and would appear to have himself under control, but at home, he is himself and definitely struggles, but what is this whinny and growling behavior? In addition to previously stomping and hitting/breaking things. Has anyone experienced this, especially a change in behavior for the worse? It is as though he has somehow gone backward when he was improving a little. I've asked why he is growling and if he can use his words instead, and he will shout that he isn't growling and will actually growl more.. Any help is appreciated.

Posted by prettywings14 at 2024-01-16 15:15:11 UTC