Quick, light-hearted question: When my husband says things like, "I don't understand why people have pets" (I and our daughter are huge pet lovers, and we currently have a cat), or "Why do the kids think Grandma's sugar cookies are the best? They must be crazy. The cookies at (local cookie shop) are so much better. Is it that she uses shortening?" ( Which he aays with what I perceive to be a judgmental tone. Grandma makes a huge batch of cookies every year for Xmas and hand decorates them.) I know my husband is loving and smart. I also try to put on the lens of "his brain works differently". Sometimes I try to just answer his literal question. People like pets because .... But often it's like he wants to argue with me. So I'm genuinely wondering, how do I answer these questions? And without getting into an argument or triggering my own offendedness. Sometimes I do hear, beneath the surface, why don't more people see the world like me? But I also don't have an answer for that.

Posted by sophieno at 2024-01-14 14:55:02 UTC