Hi im new here to this community. I am level 2 autistic and my oldest daughter has just been diagnosed with level 2 autism as well. But my youngest daughter is really showing signs of ASD as well but i still need to get her a diagnosis. So My 8 year old the one who hasn't had a diagnosis. Here are some things im seeing with her rn. Shes got alot of fears. 2 biggest ones are fear of being alone and fear of the dark. We literally have to leave every light on in this house because she cannot be in any dark space or she will say theres something coming to get her alien, ghost, monster anything like that. We have lived in this house her whole life and she is completely safe and nothing has ever happened to her. So theres that. She also will not let me leave the room without her being with me and start getting anxious if i say im going upstairs or to the bathroom. She will either sit on the steps and wait for me or sit in the upstairs hallway until i come back with her. Also shes very clingy and doesn't let me or her sister or dad far from her sight. She has a complete obsession with pizza but will only eat cheese for pepperoni pizza. Iv tryed to get her to eat like a meatlovers and no such luck. She will pull the meat off and just eat the cheese. She will only drink Sunny D or milk nothing else. I can't get ger to drink any other type of juice. Its difficult when shes sick with an upset stomach because she will not drink sprite or any type of soda so i end up giving her orange juice which makes it worse sometimes. She has to have things go a certain way in her environment when playing with other kids. If a rule gets changed or someone wants to play a different way or even play a different game she cannot handle it and theres alot of conflict and it usually starts with her. Also things have to go her way while playing in groups or games which usually causes conflict amungst the whole group and an adult needs to intervene and sometimes daughter needs to be removed and redirected. Causes conflicts with older sister. Always correcting me or her dad or sister on things she really doesn't know anything about and we know what we are talking about. Once corrected gets upset. She very argumentative which causes conflict with peers and sibling. She is a total right fighter. Doesnt deal with stress, frustration or discomfort well at all. Is very insistant and will not let you forget about something you told her youd do or will keep on you until you fo the thing you said you would do. Iv learned that i have to ne very careful with what i say ill do or wont do. Will not admit when shes done wrong. Says i dont remember or id never do that. Is very helpless and wants things done for her example always asking for someone else to pour her a cup of juice when she is perfectly capable of doing this herself. I feel like if i dont get this kid into a diagnosis and some type of ABA or something she will be living at home until forever.

Posted by anniealdeman at 2024-01-13 06:20:57 UTC