Good evening... I purchased The Accountability Plan last year for my son and I to implement in order to transition him to college living. He was also working with an ABA professional for 9 months who has 20 years experience - specifically with young adult men on the spectrum who are attempting independent living. So, it was a combo of ABA and The Accountability Plan that ushered my son into the upper division college phase away from home. :) He's 22 and transferred as a Junior to a University that's about 90 minutes from me. If I had to quantify it, his 1st semester [Fall 2023] was about 30% successful. He had to withdraw from 3 of his 5 classes - 13 credits total that he started with and he withdrew from 10 credits - he ended up with 3 credits completed. He did well the first half of the semester [B+, B and 3 C's], but then [and he confirms the following] video gaming gradually took over after midterms. First, it was a little bit and then grew to be a lot, probably due to the "just-under-the-surface" anxiety of knowing he was getting more and more behind on his studies. Gaming is the go-to when he's feeling stressed even though the ABA specialist coached him on other ways to decompress when he's feeling overwhelmed. By the time I picked him up from the dorms for Christmas, he was depleted and defeated and had lost 14 pounds in 3 months [6'3" and only 146 lbs.] - needless to say, I was devastated for him and really questioned whether I should "let him" go back for this semester. He says he wants to try again, especially since the Academic Review Board stated he could register again, but not more than 12 hours. So, he's got 4 classes that total 11 hours this semester. My question is this: @Danny Raede has mentioned in a few of his free seminars about the Vagus nerve and how its healthiness directly affects if a person is in Defense Mode or not - or at least this is what I have gleaned from the free seminars. I thought The Accountability Plan might have a little more information about the Vagus nerve / Defense Mode, but I guess it's the course called Freedom from Defense Mode that has all of the info about the Vagus nerve? P.S. I am signed up for the free seminar "Defiance, Defense Mode and Depression" for next Wednesday. I am really super curious about how to improve the functioning of the Vagus nerve and am hoping this program will have the answers. Thank you for any information about the Vagus nerve that you can link me to, both on the website as well as outside sources.

Posted by Nan3125 at 2024-01-13 00:50:37 UTC