Hi all. I’m a mother of a 13-year-old girl who was diagnosed 3 years ago after moving to Dominican Republic from New Jersey. She was an enthusiastic, playful and outgoing little girl and I guess the major change (school, country, cultural, language, COVID) triggered it. 3 years after, she is still having difficulties with school, making friends, not motivated to do activities and just wants to be in her room playing on her electronics. Unfortunately, I have had a lot of difficulty trying to get the necessary help for her and unfortunately Dom. Rep. are very behind on knowledge about Neurodivergent kids. There is no nationwide program, network or support groups. After many different therapists, I have realized that I need to get myself educated to help my daughter with her struggles. I went to therapy which helped me a lot with acceptance and our relationship has improved. But still I feel that I’m not getting to the bottom of things and this website has given me hope. I saw a post on the AANE community group about defense mode and it all makes sense. Most therapist are about teaching her how to behave, not to understand the reasons for her behaviors. So, I have seen a few videos and I was wondering if there is a video or class/course for parents of tweens. I’m desperately looking to help my daughter everyway I can so she can be a functional and independent adult. Also, I wanted to ask if there are any summer programs in US for Asperger kids in the east coast (NY, NJ FL area) that I can have her participate in. Thank you, any advise helps.

Posted by gloribeljm at 2024-01-12 20:05:41 UTC