So In NOvember my son started a job at whole foods, He was suppose to work 3-4 day for 6hrs. He ended up working a full time schedule and said he loved working. He was doing front end responsibilities, carts and loading bags with food for customers. Well he was sick in week four and called in a required. On the day he was to return he took to long in the shower and didn't go to work at all and didn't call in. Well he lost his job. It was hard to tell if he was upset about losing his job. He liked his paycheck because he spent a good portion of it on his gaming needs and forgot to make sure his bills were all paid. I have been working on him with budgeting skills on a spreadsheet that includes the amount, due date and a paid column. He has some bills on auto pay but because there wasn't enough money in the account it didn't get paid. and we didn't find out until he was 2 months behind on paying bills for his power and renters insurance. No his dad and I will pay his bills and he has to ask for permission to buy anything that is not food. Is there an app to help him learn the concept of budgeting that is easier to use and remind him when to pay them? this is the 3 year on his PCP plan and he does well for so long and then when he gets a bigger lump of money from a job it evaporates before it is in his wallet.

Posted by kroseborough68 at 2024-01-06 07:18:40 UTC