How can i get my 17yr old on time to school. I don't even expect him to be there early nd hve not made a big deal about him leaving at 8.30 am when class start. He has about 5 to 7 min to walk. But he leaves later and later. He spend over an hour in the bathroom and says it is important to combat having to pee at school which i can understand but yesterday e left at 8.45am and today i had to yell at him since he has a quizz. He left at 8.40. I know he really dislikes school but also doesn't want to do online school because he knows he has a good deal at his school. He has 3 classes each semester( it's block system) and they are not that rigorous and all i expect him to do is his work which the teachers really don't give much. So basically he bare minimum. I need some strategies to figure out to get him to school in reasonable time

Posted by liissausa at 2024-01-05 16:48:23 UTC